Electric Mobility Europe Kick-off

n March, the OSCD project was officially selected by Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope), which meant the kick-start of our project! Besides the OSCD project, twelve other projects have been granted to further promote and advance electric mobility in Europe. Lead
partners of all the EMEurope projects gathered in Vienna on the 20th of April. ELaadNL was there to proudly present the OSCD project.

The EMEurope projects all tackle different areas. Most projects focus either on ‘Smart Mobility and ICT applications’, like the OSCD project, or on ‘Public Transport’. But there are more focus areas, such as ‘Consumer behaviour and societal trends’ and ‘City logistics’. It will be interesting to see the progress of all these projects and their possible added value to the objectives of this European programme. ElaadNL gave the other lead partners a comprehensive overview of the shared challenge, partners and expected results of the OSCD project.

The thirteen EMEurope projects try to tackle a common challenge and therefore can learn from each other. For that reason this group will meet again for a midterm (2019) and closing event (2020). The OSCD partners looks forward to see progress of the other projects and above all, to showcase the results of the OSCD project.